What is life beyond the horizon?

14894-beyond-the-horizonWhat is life beyond the horizon?

Is it a deep understanding of all that has gone before us or rather our subconsciousness leading our path with the sound of our voice describing only that which we have already experienced?

Or perhaps, more simply put… could it be our destiny? Our calling by He who is all knowing?

For certain, it is my belief that all knowing is not for us to acquire before our name is called up yonder, but rather perhaps a state waiting for us to yearn far beyond that which we think we see and want and desire.

One has pondered a millennia on over the question of what is more to life than living and dying?

From this, I wonder still how much has been duplicated over time the answer to this question in that this “here” is truly that which is the more than simply just living and dying?

Have we built up a resistance over time of that which we think we should see and that which we cannot see, because we are merely looking in the wrong places? Therefore, this here is where we should be.

Oh the misguided spiritualization of men.

When does one and how should one begin the journey of distinguishing one’s own voice versus the voice of the Spirit?

It seems over time we have become accustomed to simply just talking and have forgotten the true discipline of listening beyond hearing only that which we want to hear or have seemingly allowed ourselves to be programmed to hear by all that culture has to throw at us.

It seems at times that in our quest to adapt culture to spirituality by way of seeking relevance, which I am not sure we have ever really been called to, that we have lost sight of the voice in which we should be hearing.

Every where we go in modern Christian culture is another voice. How many voices can one listen to before losing sight on one’s ability to truly listen?


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