The Three C’s of the Church

corporate-duotone1I sat in a conversation recently with a new acquaintance where we discussed the posture of the church in this day and age. It was a fascinating discussion that has stuck with me ever since.

In the conversation, my new friend shared with me the three c’s of the church in relation to my recent post calling for the church to reboot the mission in how it utilizes social media.

What are the 3 C’s?

  1. Call
  2. Community
  3. Corporate

In this, my concern has been why we are not more effective in using new tools and resources like social networking sites to reach people with the gospel.

When my friend shared these three C’s it dawned on me. In reading these components in this order, it absolutely is a blueprint for the posture we should seek from a messaging and strategy standpoint for reaching the world. However, that being said, what too often is the case is that we launch into the world with these postures, but upside down starting with a corporate posture. It’s almost a mindset you could say.

Launching with a corporate posture has nothing too relational and personal about it. In fact it is more machine like in methodics of seeking to reach people. It’s almost like we are launching with our mouths and our ears. All we seem to do is talk talk talk. Meanwhile, a while cries out to be heard.

And for what? So the strategy is nothing more than a mere digital real time version of a bulletin and cut paste from the mind slogans.

Where is the call in that? When we are called to equip people and send them out to reach the world, launching with a corporate posture eventually will only come across more like just plain noise. Its as if we assume we have earned the right to be heard. Once again, we have often times can have a false sense of influence.

This can happen in the echo chamber too often.

In pondering this recently, I wrote this thought down…

“The echo chamber life is about preaching to the choir. Sadly, in this, the choir forgot that the mission is outreach.”

What happens when I lead with a posture that is tied to the call and seeks to be in community with people?

What does that look like? I believe it looks a lot more personal and reflective of who I am as part of the corporate body but one simply called to community.

That’s all for now. I seek to continue to work this out in the near future.


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