Pondering The Culture Wars

culture_warsSymptomatic arguments go nowhere without conviction of the core root of the symptom. No matter the issue, one is application the other is infrastructure. One is done by force the other is done with grace. One is done for all the world to see, the other is done while one is upon their knees.

But what is it that we are seeking to argue people towards? And with this, do we ever stop and consider what will be left in the wake of our actions?

Are we not fighting by sword like of which was done in the garden that one fateful evening more than 2,000 years ago?

What motivates your actions? Is it your own voice, the hyped up voices that reverberate within the echo chamber, or the very still small voice of God?

Why I am on the sidelines of the current culture war that is unfolding before us on multiple accounts is that I am not concerned with winning culture. I am concerned with winning hearts.

Many will say that if by winning the culture wars the hearts will follow. I say by winning hearts, culture will follow. Culture is an application built on top of and the very reflection of all that which dwells within the infrastructure of the human heart.

Certainly one would argue that culture drives hearts, attitudes, and everything in between. But as I see it, this whole effort to win the culture wars has resulted in nothing more than a wake of broken souls and division.

The art of winning hearts is of the most tedious work as it depends on relationship, trust, credibility, consistency, and effort. The art of winning culture relies on a megaphone, and the desire to be hip, cool, and acceptable in the eyes of those who we seek to win over. I mean not to cast judgement on the efforts to win culture but I do think that many who seek this fight enter the arena with a false sense of influence.

It is one thing to fight the culture wars within the echo chamber of the choir, it is another to understand that the mission is outreach.

As I write this, I wonder if the very blue print we were given to fight the culture wars was laid out for us in the garden on the very night in which Jesus was betrayed.

In this, He knew exactly what was going on. Those around him wanted a King to march behind and win culture. Yet Jesus was on a mission to win hearts.

Perhaps in this as we gather around and draw lines between us and them that it is time we put down the sword but rather fall down to our knees.

Can it be that the same mouth can both bless and curse? In this, how can we justify blessing the name of the Lord on Sunday and then curse the name of one who does not know Him on Monday?

Have we not all fallen short?

Culture wars to me is not about this issue or that issue. I will let God be the judge of that. As for me, the God I know called me to love Him and love others. The God I believe in says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. The God I believe in says to love my neighbors and my enemies. But, since when did those across the battle lines of the culture wars become my enemy?

Isn’t it amazing then that which the power of a relationship would bring if we would all just shut up long enough to listen to the heart of another? To hear the story behind the story.

And so it is with this as well. Put down your sword, open up your heart, and know this..

The battle belongs to the Lord and your job…. is to simply love.


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