Observation on Easter 2013

It’s Easter 2013 and the theme I am seeing pop up a lot today is this..

The day that changed everything.


With this being said, I too believe that it was a day that changed everything. But, as I survey society, do we still let it change everything or just a little bit of something?

I like to believe that people recently have begun to be stirred to awaken from a deep slumber where a little bit of something was just enough to feel good about oneself. Yet now, we awaken to this realization:

Everything about me needs everything about Him. It is no longer good enough to have just this part of me needing that part of Him.

I believe the time is now for a real awakening.

I received a text message from a friend I have known since 1st grade today. He has been going through some difficult times recently and had had a bad experience in church years ago that led him to walk away from the church.

Last night, he was compelled to go to church alone. He was so moved to tears he got baptized. He says he has not felt this close to the Lord in years.

God is positioning His people for purpose. He is stirring up hearts like I have never seen as if to prepare us for something.

But let us not wait for that something because that very something could be that next thing you face or that next person you come across.

It is true, this day changed everything. Everything for all of time.

And in this, it is time that we return to letting it and living like it continues to still do it.



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