Christian or Jesus Follower?

LABEL2024_dI took a walk with my teenage daughter recently. While we walked, my daughter posed an interesting question to me. She asked, what’s the difference between a Christian and a Jesus Follower?

I liked this question because it came down to a visual of posture. While one says I am, the other says I do. And in this, one could also make the argument that the I do really should be more like I attempt.

Not that I want to paint a broad stroke of the brush over believers everywhere and question their motivations for labeling themselves Christian. But, while many can affiliate themselves with being called Christian, how many of us affiliate ourselves with the works of Jesus and seek to make His work our work?

I think for me the world has seen enough of people’s claims, bullhorns, judgements, and boxes. What the world needs now more than ever are those who simply close their mouths and humbly do the work.

Are you a Christian or a Jesus Follower?

One says look at me, the other says come with me.

Do I want to be known for what I claim or for what I have done?

This was a good walk with my daughter. It got me to think beyond the label and question, does what’s on the inside match up with what I see on the outside?

I hope so. With God’s help. I will attempt so.


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