Google Homepage on Easter Upsets some….

Are we defined by our political affiliation?

We should not be. Yet sadly, as I read stories today with regard to the Google homepage doodle honoring Caesar Chavez’s 86th birthday and not Easter, all I hear his that right wingers or conservatives were upset. (lumping all believers into these groups)


Is this much ado about nothing?

For comparison, the writers said that the Bing homepage had Easter eggs. And, to be honest, Google hasn’t had an Easter themed doodle since 2000.

So, go ahead and call the uproar a move of right wingers and conservatives. Of course they will get upset of such homage for one’s 86th birthday as that of Chavez.

But for me, does it really matter? Does this change anything? Does Jesus really need to be or even care about being honored on the Google homepage?

I think not. But perhaps what He really cares about is in each of us how we honor or dishonor Him within our hearts homepage each day and not just for this one day.

Is it no surprise to us the scorn Jesus receives to this day? Is it no surprise to us the lack of respect Christ and his followers get to this day when placed up against other religions of the world?

It shouldn’t. We were told, if we had read.

So, do we then just pick up the sword and fight? Or do we fall to our knees and pray?

Who’s fight is it anyway when the Word says the battle belongs to the Lord? Our call in this, Love God and love others. But sadly, we will use this Google homepage to call out others.

Whatever happened to we wrestle not against flesh and blood?

We should use this Google homepage thing to not call out others in judgement, but rather call out others in love.

As a believer allowing yourself to be more defined by political affiliation than one’s faith, I believe is wrong. I believe it is false religion and borderline false idolatry. When one allows this type of controversy to lead them to a place of casting judgement on others, how can it be anything but true faith?

Put down the sword and wash some feet.

In this, the whole world will then know we are Christians by our love and with this, perhaps the whole world will want what we have. Not politics, but rather a relationship with the Son of God.

But, let’s not let Bing off the hook either. I don’t recall an egg hunt outside the empty tomb either.

But full disclosure here… I do like egg hunts.

Lump me into whatever category you want from the left to the right. It doesn’t faze me. Everyone else, go ahead and fight. Stay distracted.

For me, I just want to do my best in seeking to live a life angling towards the light.


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