Ponder your words versus actions

jesusPut down the sword and wash some feet. Humility is best served with joy. May your words no longer capture the attention your actions deserve. That is if your actions reflect that of love and not the sword.

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

Why must I always get this backwards? Quick to anger, quick to speak, and slow to listen.

O the stories of others we miss when our ears are shut and our mouths are open.

But in knowing this, it is critical to understand that it is not in ones mere ability to will them self to both listen or talk. For to truly listen and or talk in a way that moves mountains, one must understand that their ability to do so is found in the posture of one’s heart.

If you are about you, your words will sound mighty through the amplification of a bullhorn but sadly will leave those in your midst with hardened hearts and their hands covering their ears due to the noise.

If you are about Him, you will be about others. And in this, your words will rest upon your lips instead seeking to yield to the work of your hands as led by your heart as led by Him.

For a life void of service for one’s neighbor is a life in need of transformation.

So, put down that sword and wash some feet.

You will not need a bullhorn for this. And why would you want one when the reverberation of one’s selfless actions for the other is not something to be heard by ears, but rather something seen within the depths of human souls.

Put down your sword. You don’t impress anyone.

Wash someone’s feet and seek rather to bless someone.

Ponder: What does action look like that reflects the posture of cleaning one’s feet?


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