Pondering The Reclamation of Now

battlefield-bad-company-2-20091217114906805The battlefield is the now is a thought that keeps returning to my state of ponder. I think it actually never leaves me for it is the reality in which I face yet have yet to accept until recently.

For me, I believe that the battlefield is for the now and how alert we will be now to simply seek to do the next right thing..now, by simply trusting God and seeking to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

How is this possible? How can we find ourselves in such a place within such a world filled with noise? How can we clear the channel and simply be?

So far, I have spoken about the battlefield, but every battlefield needs opposing forces lest it be called something else or simply a mere field.

Who are these opposing forces?

Yesterday and tomorrow are the foes that seek to keep each of us from reclaiming the now and simply seeking to do the next right thing.

Every once in a while as I flip through channels on my TV I come across the show called Hoarders. Now, I know I like to keep a lot of things, but some of the people the show featured were simply unbelievable in all that they hoarded.

As I think about this, I think about the fact that frankly I believe we are all hoarders of such and we don’t even know it, we just experience the effect of it.

We hoard baggage along the path of life we were never meant to carry. And in this, the effect can be downright damaging as we allow it to cause in us to become someone we were never meant to be. And, when we are someone we were never meant to be, we do things that we were never meant to do and we hurt others we never meant to hurt.

A hurt, a response, a hurt, a response, a response, a hurt. Life can become one large coping mechanism this way as we begin to respond to ward off the perceived coming perceived hurt.

Is this a posture in which we were meant to live?

See the baggage. Let go and let God the baggage. Next, own the consequences of that which you have allowed this baggage to become in you and begin to be free. (Certainly it is not always that easy. Finding a good therapist and speaking with a pastor is a great place to start.)

So as we seek to hold off the past for fear of _______________. The now is suddenly attacked from it’s forward flank by the fear of the future.

How does one hold off the past while seeking to control the future? When does the now ever get a chance to simply be the now? How can one ever see and think clearly when amidst the battlefield of the now without truly reconciling their past and the future?

If one ever wondered what paralysis from analysis looks like, look no further.

While our future is filled with “what if this happens” our past is filled with “what if this didn’t happened?” As I have stated previously, life is a stack of moments, how will they stack up?

Somethings to remember along the way when seeking to both let go and let God.

There is no shame in no condemnation. Yet, pride will always challenge your want to be specific. Surround yourselves with people who elevate your spiritual posture and not your ego.

So, how now shall we live? When one seeks to always outrun their past, how can their focus on the now ever be? If life is a stack a moments, is this the best way to spend each moment?

But what about the future? Past hurt and baggage can cause one to never embrace their future in its fullest. Baggage we were never meant to carry can have the effect of causing one to hesitate from timidity. Baggage is usually picked up along the way from hurt or a very traumatic experience. This can cause one to be bitter or be oppressed with lack of self confidence. (Remember, i’m no therapist. I’m just sharing my walk.) This can also cause us to place unfair expectations on those around us and whom we love the most.

Either way, the future sure looks cloudy.

Is this a posture in which we were meant to live?

Our past will always determine our view of the future until a Great Big Love steps in with the keys to our very future and the cross for our very past.

Now, I realize this whole riff doesn’t speak for everybody. However, I do believe it speaks for a lot of people. Does it speak for you? If so…

What was your hurt(s)? Who hurt you? What is your hurt? Who have you hurt?

Friend, can I tell you something? Let go and give God your baggage. Stop trying to manipulate your future and place your trust in the God of your future.

1. Acknowledge it, Let go of it, Be free of it. (Your hurts)

2. Acknowledge it, Take responsibility for it, and Be free from it. (Your actions)

Friend, if you can do this, I believe you will be well on your way to reclaiming the now. With God’s help, your future will be shaped with how you stack that next moment as someone who is no longer a slave to your past or future.

With the weight of your past gone and the fear of the future rightly placed in God, you can be now be free.


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