Being at Peace with Faith

6154cba6bb4c11e28c4722000a9f1966_7Being at peace with faith means you have reclaimed the now even but for a brief moment of time.

Like a feeling of deja vu, it always seems to strike me while I am walking to my car from doing something right. Whether it be a trip to the store a second time for my wife after moments after already leaving the store or simply take a time out for a walk through a park to get some much needed exercise, that’s when it hits me.

Yet unlike deja vu where it feels like you have been to that place before, this strikes you with a sense of peace that everything is going to be alright… no questions asked.

But one cannot simply rest on a mere glimpse for rest does not truly come without belief. A belief in God that He truly has my future steps in the very clutches of His heart, if I would just trust Him.

It seems reaching such a place where a glimpse of this is possible can only be reached somewhere between metamorphosis, breakthrough, and transformation. All of which are unattainable unless one takes that first step.

If you have read my previous posts, the reclamation of now is a journey not a destination and as odd as that seems, resolve being found in the journey is now no longer a myth, but rather a reality.

But to arrive at the destination of this journey again means letting go of the baggage one has carried that they were never meant to carry, taking responsibility for allowing it to cause one to become someone they were never meant to be, as well as all the harm that comes with living as one you were never meant to be. This means putting your past to rest.

It also means putting your future to faith in knowing that the God of the universe has a plan for your life and that He has indeed already lived all of your tomorrows.

This is when one for once experiences the now as it was intended to be seen… in the now.

As I have previously said, life is a stack of moments. With your last breath being the only guarantee in life, why waste it on trying to out run your past or to simply over play your future? All you have is the now.

And this brings me to that brief moment and yet odd occurrence this evening as I walked to my car and saw a glimpse of faith that brought me peace. Everything is going to be alright.

Stewardship begins where you stand. In this, with no guarantees of my next breath and no way to reclaim my past, my stack of moments begins right here.

As Christ Jesus has put to rest my past as well as put to faith my future, I can now put to peace my now. And when this happens, I can truly begin to stack my moments in a way they were intended to be.

And this is why the two biggest things I am learning right now in life play right into this…

  1. I am giving myself permission to work smarter and not harder.
  2. I am giving myself permission to take a break each day.

What this simply allows me to do is have a posture that simply seeks to do the next right thing. It allows me to be a good steward of where I stand. It allows me to make my moments make a difference. It allows me to love more and stress less. And, it allows me to begin to realize what it looks like to be at peace with faith by simply taking each step into the now and experience all that the Holy Spirit has for me to experience with each breath I take.

My goodness, His grace, peace, mercy, and love is waiting for me to fully embrace it, when will I ever let go and Let God?

Life is not difficult, it’s just hard. But a mere glimpse of being at peace with faith is all I need to know to cause me to know this one thing… I want more of it. Scratch that, I need more of it.

Being at peace with faith means being in faith with the Prince of Peace.

This happens when one allows Him to part the clouds of their now to see His love for all you are yet to become, regardless of your yesterday.

And it is all of this which you just read which causes me deep ponder this night.


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