Pondering Lost Purpose

I posted this picture I took and a quote I made in a previous post tonight on Facebook. Amidst the various likes and shares of the picture, I received a comment that read…


What if you’ve lost your purpose?

Knowing my dear friend who had posted this question, I took it not as a challenge to my post with fists of flying, but rather a deep in the soul question from a fellow sojourner. Quite frankly, it was a great question and one I can only pray that my use of social media will allow friends to voice as a result from stuff I share.

I prayed. How would I respond? I am not even sure how I did, but you know what? That’s not even the point. This is a conversation where it should be safe haven to work it out with each other as we angle towards the light and seek to walk in His way.

Here is my reply. 

Great question. Please allow me to ponder out loud this question.

Define lost. Are we ever without purpose? One could argue that our very purpose is to love and yet the irony is that when in seasons of lost purpose it is that very love which carries us through. I know this from my darkest times yet I only see after the fact that all along, He carried me.

It seems when we lose our sense of purpose, we often times numb ourselves to the inability to love. We only then exhale what we have begun to inhale.

Maybe sometimes we try too hard to make purpose and instead simply just need to surrender and be purpose? 

Whether here on earth or in heaven, anything the hands of God has been given to has purpose. I believe this in more ways than most people might know about me.

I believe that within our society, I think the optics of purpose for many of us as we get older can be debilitating.

I have had more conversations with people recently in their 50’s who have been told over and over that they are no longer relevant. Or if they don’t say this, they reflect this.

This breaks my heart. Frankly, it is a lie as I believe we are all relevant until our last breath and even still, our footprint remains as a navigation relevant for the tides of circumstances our very loved ones will face as they walk in our wake and carve out their own trail as they too seek out their purpose.

Perhaps in this our feeling of no longer being relevant is the cause which gives us the effect of believing we have lost our purpose?

Being relevant to what?

That being said, God is the giver of purpose. God is love. When we breathe in His Spirit, we will exhale His love. When we exhale His love, we walk in His purpose.

If we get ahead of ourselves in this and wrap seeking perceived relevance, acceptance, or whatever purpose killers there are out there that society determines around us, we risk our ability to exhale love and instead, will begin to exhale hate, bitterness, and whatever else.

One breathes out that which they breathe in.

I have long pondered my purpose or lack thereof. It’s so hard when we feel abandoned by the world and sometimes even God. For me, I suffer greatly from a fear of abandonment. Only recently have I discovered this.

I wish I discovered it sooner. Oh the pain it has caused and oh the lenses it has caused me to view my purpose through. Totally skews everything to the point of paralysis from analysis of the things that rarely exist based on an ill advised word from a person with the same kind of an ill advised heart as I have.

For me, knowing this is a game changer. With the right optics, I can now see my purpose more clearly and can see myself more confidently through His eyes and no longer mine.

My prayer has long been that God would place my feet in His footprints. For in His footprints will we truly find our path to purpose and our ability to exhale His love.

Sorry to ponder out loud. I have not all the answers and don’t claim this as truth. Just a great question that I wanted to take a stab at from where my heart has been residing.

Be blessed my friend and know this… You matter!


4 thoughts on “Pondering Lost Purpose

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