Pondering my fears

94a14b661dac11e3819322000a1faa24_7The irony of life is that often times, we fear the other things of life more than we fear death. Of which do we take most for granted?

A God who has conquered death or a God who has given us new life?

Either way, we are His children and in both instances, He has our best interests in mind.

Yet in the fear of both, why then do we run to Him last?

These thoughts crossed my mind recently as I surveyed the season I am currently in. In this and in some deep way, it had a way of looking right through the current trials I face and stacking them up against the unknown of that which dwells beyond our last breath.

What an irony. That which will come to pass seems to have a deeper hold on my fears than that which is forever. Does this mean that forever is not for real? I think not. Certainly it is beyond our comprehension outside of sheer faith. But one would think that that which lasts forever which dwells in the unknown abyss of the afterlife would cast a more paralyzing spell than something of a mere blink of an eye.

In this, if God, who holds all my tomorrow’s in His hand can break the chains of my fear of death and in turn be the Peace inside of me that fears not eternity, than can not this same God also be the Peace of my right now?

As I ponder this further, I need not look beyond the cross to find that which I am looking for. For there is where death was conquered and new life was granted in three most powerful words…


To take for granted a God who gives new life and also conquers death is to take for granted the very act of ultimate love and sacrifice upon the cross. Three days later, the stone was rolled away. In this we find our authority.

How now shall we live?

Consider this from Ephesians 1 –

19 I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power 20 that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms. 21 Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else—not only in this world but also in the world to come.

As a believer who with confidence looks towards beyond my last breath with hope, certainly life will not be easy. Life will not be without stress, turmoil, turbulence, conflict, trials, or persecution. But, in facing these seasons with the confidence of Christ and His death and resurrection on the cross, why not have the same peace of that which I cannot see be applied to having peace towards that which only He can see? My every breath, my every moment, my every tomorrow.

Did you catch that? …towards that which only He can see.

I need to make up my mind. Will I continue to seek to take life into my own hands and wrap myself in worry and therefore seek in my own strength to spin myself back to peace? Or, will I finally learn from my walk with Jesus and let go into His hands of which is the peace?

And there lies the balancing act of life.

Too often in life we seek to make peace with death by how we seek to make peace with life. Yet it seems in Christ, we can only make peace in life once we make peace with death in that He has risen and He has conquered death.

So perhaps in then reverse engineering my fears of the other things in life paralyzing me more so than any fears I have of death, I find the roots of my ironic situation.


Where is my hope anchored? In He which has conquered or they that which paralyzes?

Thanks for reading this and allowing me to work it out. I think I’ll exhale now.

If in becoming a Jesus follower I have placed my trust in He who has conquered my future, than I must also place my trust in He who will conquer my now. If I let him.

The whole things seems so crazy and backwards. Thanks God for the reality check. Because You live, I can face tomorrow.


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