Pondering the Embrace of the Nativity

216d1f6e6d9b11e3b3620e2466b91563_8This past year has seen my heart radically changed. This would be the year I began to fully realize the magnitude of the embrace. 

Here are a collection of pictures I took and “ponderings” I have had regarding the Greatest Story Ever Told…

For all my friends who are alone, broken, and grieved this night, my heart is thinking of you this moment. Be loved. If only I could show you how much you really do matter. Thankfully, a babe in the straw has already done that. May you be wrapped in the love and peace of God with us.

Ponder this embrace.

As a child, I remember our little nativity. I couldn’t wait to put it out on display and arrange all of the characters. Though I had no idea of the story per se, I knew it was something special. So, here I was late last evening on Christmas Eve at the age of 43 pondering the nativity. But this time…


In a world filled with Instagram and the #selfie, I pictured myself on the scene that one special night. Part of me wanting to fully experience the magnitude of the moment, while the other part wanting to capture it. This was no ordinary night in the history of the world.


For in this night, an embrace has come of which the world has never seen.


What a babe in the straw would soon become, yet already was.

The embrace has come. This time as I ponder, I know this embrace for it is an embrace that has touched my heart and changed my life.

The embrace has come for each of us. Have you received it?

Put down that camera Gunnar, you’ll need both hands for this one.

As I type this, I have one last ponder..

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Has there ever been an embrace as meaningful as this?

Merry Christmas, my friend… Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Pondering the Embrace of the Nativity

  1. Thanks for sharing G! As I mature, I am finding more and more value in the embrace; Security, Acceptance, Comfort. Even if its today Hello and Goodbye…. there’s more to it than just a brief side hug…. a real embrace is warm and lasting… the kind you need both hands to accept.
    But in relation to the Nativity, it is interesting to think of ourselves in the story… would I have been so caught up in the census that I missed the signs pointing to my Deliverer? Would I have inconvenienced myself to travel months, following a star? Would I have accepted my bride? Would I have led my sheep to the place? Regardless of my resistance, He came and embraced us.
    I hope you are blessed!

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