Worship and my approach to playing..

1379874_10151954599154747_40934696_nPlaying music for me has changed over this past moratorium period of over a year. So often in the past and as passionate I am as a lifelong musician, what’s most important when playing music in front of people and before God is how one is living when they are not in front of people and/or playing for God. In this, too often in the past for me, though I played the part “up there”, I was not playing the part everywhere else. Therefore, too often for me, I was really giving glory to a spirit of hypocrisy and not to God. As God has and continues to perform transformative heart surgery on me, I want to be all in. I don’t want to just show up and put on my worship playing hat. I want to live it.

I never planned to play again until He made it so. I was not going to force that hand to feed my ego and need to be seen. God may I just be Your vessel to do and be as you have called me to do and be. My model for worship has long been from 2 Chronicles 20. It is to be taken seriously. It’s not about being cool, relevant, and amazing. It’s about being used by God, if we are willing.

I have been around music my entire life. I have played music for 30+ years. My dad taught me to never let a song pass me by without letting it do to me what it was going to do to me. I support only artists that don’t just sing to me about a place, they take me to that place. This is when and where battles are won.

So, as you can see, just showing up to play and turning it on is not good stewardship of the opportunity and invitation we are given to serve in such a manner. (at least in my opinion) When given the opportunity to worship the living, loving, Holy God meets up with people who’s only hope is to have an encounter with the living, loving, and Holy God… which is all of us, we as players must be responsible to our call.

Music has the power to change culture. God has the power to impact eternity.

Pray for me and the others as we serve God in worship this weekend. Pray our eyes are on Him and not the bright lights. Pray our hearts are kneeled before Him and not others. Pray our sense of perceived influence over others surrenders to His true influence over all. For apart from Him, we can do nothing.


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