Pondering Fear with Charles Spurgeon

9780801061929_p0_v1_s260x420Like an old friend that comes around with the right words at the right time. Like a banner in tow flying about town with the exact thing you needed to hear. So travels the words of Charles Spurgeon to deep within my soul.

If I had 5 books to be stranded on a desert island with, Bright Days, Dark Nights on the writings of Charles Spurgeon by Elizabeth Skoglund would be one of them.

Here’s just a little taste..

For those of you whom still walketh in darkness and hath no light…

There are some people who seem as if they were born without nerves, or feeling, for they never appear to be downcast. But some of us, at times, shrink away, and seem to be dried up, as if the marrow were gone from our bones, and the strength from our hearts.

At such a time as that, we know what Christ would have us do, but we hesitate to do it; we feel as if we could not,—not that we would not, but that we really could not. There is a want of courage,—a lack of confidence; we are timid, and cannot dash into the fray.

Then is the time,—when heart and flesh fail,—for us to take God to be the strength of our soul by resolving, let our weakness be what it may, that we will obey the command of Christ. When thy heart is faint, dear brother or sister, still follow Christ; when thou feelest as if thou must die at thy next step, still keep close at his heel; and if thy soul be almost in despair, yet hold on to him, and keep thy feet in his ways.

If anyone, who feareth the Lord, still walketh in darkness, and hath no light, let him trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God, for so shall his light break forth as the morning, and his heart shall be once more glad in the Lord.”30

Skoglund, Elizabeth Ruth (2012-09-02). Bright Days, Dark Nights: With Charles Spurgeon in Triumph Over Emotional Pain (Kindle Locations 1922-1926). Netmenders. Kindle Edition.

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