Pondering the Target’s Aim

363858_2265When the arrow of darkness speaks forth upon the target of one’s emptiness, so shall a man’s thoughts be its aim. Yet when light fills the thoughts of one’s aim, the emptiness once sought by darkness becomes nothing more than a missed mark from that of one’s Holy inspired and even deeply so.. surrendered refrain.

Two people, two very different people said you of all people will land on your feet. Yet, between the two lies two different postures. One that speaks to the ego, the other that encourages the soul.

Whom shall you believe? Do they both not see something in you that you do not see in yourself? But why awaits beyond these words a path of darkness and danger while the other one lies only steps of light and peace?

Is one’s posture the rudder in which to take and receive such words? Or do the giver of such words determine whether their arrow hit its mark?

Whom shall you believe? Whom shall you receive? Words are arrows that of which the heart plays the bow. Where will this aim find peace within itself?

Perhaps it is the target that of which determines the aim and it is the elements in between are that of which will determine the path. Does one then play into the elements or simply just surrender to the elements?

Or does one simply just align themselves with the aim, the target, or the path?

For we can see the effects of the wind, but not the wind. Pondering. Which one carries the key?

Thanks be to God I am learning the sound of His voice. To be a part from Him, how would one even begin to know Him. How would one even begin to have a chance?


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