30 years to a New Life (Today)

Fjordn_surface_wave_boatPondering.. Thankful for an old tutor of mine from junior high this day. On this day in 1984, everything changed. I had known her family my entire life. She had prayed for that day for me for fourteen years.

It was 8:36 pm when I said Yes.

Certainly and like many, I did a lot to try and nullify this change over the years. But oh how He is faithful. Easter was not for naught.

And here I am 30 years later. What’s in my wake? What’s in yours? Life is short, my friends. Make peace with that which lies in your wake. Find faith for your future. And reclaim that next moment for that last moment… think about it.. it’s the only guarantee we got this side of heaven.

Beyond grateful for all of those who have believed in me through a lot over the years.

I have no words but complete gratefulness for the gift I have been given in my family. They inspire me like nobody else.

And to a Father who loves me more than I will ever know or comprehend.. my eyes fill with tears this moment as I reflect upon life as it sits this very moment (with chai in hand).

What’s next? My aim is this… finish strong, love God, love my family, love others, love the least, love the last, and love the lost. (aren’t we all at one time or another during life?)

…so help me God.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.


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