My recent riff on Twitter about conflict, hurt, relationships, and life…

3a446a8Some times on Twitter… it takes a few tweets to work out what lies deep within. Here’s 9 in a row from a riff I had earlier today about conflict, hurt, relationships, and life…

Too often, as we survey the impact of our wake, we find that all along we’ve carried baggage we were never meant to carry.

When you take responsibility for your actions, there’s no need to point the finger at the other’s inaction. Your actions will speak for you.

Life is cause and effect yet we only seek to manage the effect and give not healing to the cause. Heal the cause, impact the effect.

Need to be forgiven, seek it. Need to forgive, do it. …and then live like you meant it.

When walking around someone feels like a minefield, run towards it and see through it. Somewhere deep inside it’s simply an SOS.

When hurt people hurt people, the problem is, hurt people think it’s always about them. Stop the cycle. Let not their hurt become your hurt.

When you no longer let another’s hurt become your hurt, you’re freed up to love them through their hurt without taking it personally.

Life is not hard. It’s just difficult. Surround yourself with good people who notice the act ..and cry out for the real you.

My riff is done. Thanks. Be loved.


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