34 Quotes from Hustling God that Got Me Thinking

51NVZ2Gug6L Every now and then in life (if we’re listening), a book will come our way that will stop us in our tracks. Hustling God is one of those books. This book causes me to stop at the end of each and every page and ask one question.. “Did I just actually highlight that entire page?”

As to more mark a moment in time on this website of where I am in life than merely another post opining about where I am in life, like my earlier posts with Spurgeon and Merton, here are some highlights from this book. There are a lot of quotes listed here. Enjoy the ponder and do yourself a favor and get a copy today! – G

1. “Grace proclaims that what we need is not to accomplish the extraordinary, but to allow the extraordinary to be accomplished within us.”

2. “It is hard to be a person of faith, precisely because you are not asked to do great things. What you are asked, is to believe that God can do great things.”

3. “Nothing that we take for granted has been promised to us.”

4. “Prevailed? How has this crippled, bankrupt hustler prevailed? He has learned how to cling to God. That was the blessing all along.”

5. “Hope comes not from what you know, but from whom you trust.”

6. “When you are really hurting, what you want most of all is not an explanation. You want hope.”

7. “As soon as both men moved from their beliefs about God to actually encountering a revelation of God, they were transformed from agony to hope.”

8. “None of your efforts at managing sin will relieve your guilt. The only thing that will suffice is to turn to the God who is waiting for your confession.”

9. “Soon we realize that what we thought was God was actually our own aspirations written in large letters.”

10. “Grace is God’s determination to give us what we need and not what we deserve.”

11. “In his cross and resurrection he proclaimed to all the world that nothing, not even your sins, can separate you from the love of God. If you believe that, if you believe that you don’t need to fear God, if you believe that God will do anything, even give the Son, to do good to you, then what in the world are you afraid of?”

12. “Jesus is so hard on our fears because they are indications that we have not yet received the love of God. “Perfect love casts out fear.” Not trying harder. Not running away. Not becoming mean. Only God’s love will make you unafraid.”

13. “When we cope, we develop ways of living with things that are wrong, we allow the problem to determine our agenda, and we establish ourselves in a pattern of constantly reacting. So the fear with which we are coping never goes away. It just becomes the bully that continues to extort more and more anxiety from us.”

14. “But new life doesn’t come from starting over. It comes from believing that you have been blessed by God.”

15. “Our mission is not really about what we do, but about what God is doing. We don’t take God to the world, as if the world was void of the Savior’s presence before we arrived.”

16. “Need does not determine call. God determines call. There is no end to need, but need has not chosen you. God has.”

17. “If you try to turn your job into your savior, it will always become your taskmaster.”

18. “They bet everything on the belief that significance comes not from what you are doing, but from who you are following.”

19. “God didn’t have to love you. Your friends and family don’t have to love you. The blessing is that they choose to.”

20. “The only way to feel significant is to believe you are blessed.”

21. “And I need that reminder, because there are so many temptations in the course of the day to be my own savior, which is always, always, a temptation to hurry in the wrong direction.”

22. “I wonder how much beauty there is around us every day that we are too distracted to notice.”

23. “One of the main reasons people get discouraged with their lives is that they assume life is only a matter of what they see.”

24. “Receiving is so hard for this striver, and it is hard for us as well. But we can’t climb up into heaven and grab a blessing. All we can do is receive one.”

25. “People become victims only when their goal is to avoid suffering. Since this goal is unobtainable, it isn’t long before they discover that someone or something has kept them from a pain-free life. At that point, rather than look for the redemptive use of this suffering, the victim is stuck only with the realization that life is not what he or she expected it to be. Being a victim is a choice. It is a choice to waste your suffering.”

26. “That is because the problems you find in your life are directly related to problems in your image of the heavenly Father. Until you find the truth about God, you will never find the truth about yourself.”

27. “The only way you get this healing is through confession. In confession you simply tell the truth once again. Only then can you hear God’s truth which claims that his forgiveness is stronger than your sin.

28. “His persistent grace can even keep your besetting sin from driving your life into the ditch—again. The problem with this is that apart from worship you are really not trained to be a confessor. You are trained to be a good manager. So it is easier, you think, to manage sin than to confess it. But the only way you can manage sin is through more sin.”

29. “We don’t receive grace because we deserve it, but because we need it.”

30. “Which means the thing for which you are really striving is self-esteem. Ironically, though, you keep trying to get it from the esteem of everyone but yourself.”

31. “Most of our fathers had good hearts. The problem is not with their intentions, but with their distractions. Like Isaac, they get so focused on creating a blessing, that they forget to be the blessing. So the child has to compete with the father’s work, recreation, and volunteer work, for the love that the father is trying to demonstrate in being so busy.”

32. “God simply decided that he would bless Jacob. No matter what he did, no matter where he roamed, no matter how hard he hustled, the blessing was waiting for him. As simple as that promise was, Jacob could never understand it. That is because he kept thinking that the future was determined by the decisions of the present. The blessing claims, however, that the present is determined by the future.”

33. “We are not slaves to anyone’s judgment—not our parents’, children’s, ex-spouse’s, or our boss’s. We are not slaves to low self-esteem. We are not slaves to the mistakes or sins of the past. Not if we really believe in the grace that is proclaimed in the sacrament. Not if we have come to hear the voice from the balcony proclaiming, “You are my beloved, in whom I am pleased.””

34. “Blessings are not achievements; they are gifts from heaven.”

Excerpt From: M. Craig Barnes. “Hustling God.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/iUdYx.l


2 thoughts on “34 Quotes from Hustling God that Got Me Thinking

  1. Holy cow. Cut and past MANY of these, and some in parts to a doc that now rests on my desk top. Dang. Double dang. Ordering the book for my Kindle now. Deep deep sigh.

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