Chasing Art with Thomas Merton (My Fall Pics)

photo.PNG“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

This picture hung on the living room wall when I was a kid growing up. I spent so much time getting lost in it. I haven’t actually seen this picture in maybe 30 years until I asked my mom recently if she still had it.

Though it might not be the most amazing piece of artwork one has ever seen, for me as a child, it served as a world all too myself. It’s funny, though I haven’t thought about it in decades, I have unknowingly carried that emotion of getting lost in this picture ever since.

It’s intriguing to me that after all these years of not even thinking about it, that here I write… thinking about it.

Over the last year, my daughter and I have taken up a fun weekly tradition which entails hopping in the car with cameras in hand, driving somewhere, and taking pictures.

As we find ourselves in the middle of one of the most amazing fall seasons I can remember, my pictures recently have began to take a shape of a certain emotion. It’s like with every picture I take, I’m chasing something.

Maybe this is why I have returned to that picture hanging on the wall of my childhood home?

Perhaps I’m chasing that place again. A place that is safe. A place that is imaginative. A place found in an era of simpler times. A place where I can both lose myself and find myself with each story I seek to tell through the lens of a camera. (Or in my case, my iPhone.)

Funny, Merton was spot on yet again with this quote. What I’m chasing is that which he is saying.. in every picture I take.

My life consists of seeking the story in everything I see. With this comes the responsibility to in turn, tell the story. Though it may not mean using words, it always uses imagination. Hopefully my pictures take you there. Hopefully, you too… will find yourself and lose yourself in each one.

Here are some recent pictures I have taken…


10735010_1563579883853396_1054003452_n10731520_686530004787793_1185939164_n10735069_540584329410251_947510518_n-110727612_1578717402356655_425319201_n10706920_574907025968601_1457964436_n10724859_983056031711926_600418489_n 10731503_1500380866895065_1774390851_n10732032_404553913026636_650788755_n10707001_1480664928884888_15913225_n


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