How a movie trailer reminded me of who I was #HillsongMovie

movie-trailersMy daughter took me to the movies recently to a see a film. I really had no idea about really what the film was about. I was just excited to spend time with her and was thankful for her wanting to take me.

But then something happened that I never saw coming.

Well of course, we all know that trailers were coming. And frankly, I always loved the trailers. I love seeing what’s coming out in the future. Yet still, something was about to happen that I wasn’t looking for, but something on the inside was all but waiting for.

The sounds of voices began to arise in the theater as the screen went black but for copy beginning to introduce the audience the film it was introducing us to. As the voices grew louder, I could feel chills all over my body.

I knew these voices. I knew these chills.

I am not sure anyone else in the theater knew them. But I did. And it was then that my daughter leaned over and sealed the deal for me as she asked me if I too, was feeling chills all over.

I could only respond in the only way I knew how.. it’s the Holy Spirit.

All I could do as I sat there in the theater darkness with tears streaming down my face was to lift up my right hand in praise. I almost half expected the audience to rise up in praise to this unforeseen moment, too.

And it was here that I took an exhale I had been searching for for so long. Too long.

I heard the voices of angels in that theater. I heard the sounds of praise. I heard my name called and I was reminded then of who I was.

A child of the living God. A God who loves me.. for me. I heard His voice in that dark movie theater and not only did I believe that I knew Him, but at that moment, I believed that I too, was known by Him.


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