Storytelling Doesn’t Take HUGE Budgets

Storytelling_2I’m a storyteller. Or, at least I fashion to be. In this, I try to walk through life constantly looking for that next story to tell. Either it can be found in that next person I bump into at the coffee shop or somewhere along the trail as I take my daily hike. Whichever the case, I simply believe there is always a story to be told.

With that, that’s all I got. I don’t have big equipment to tell these stories. Just what I see and feel. And then, my outdated iPhone or old time video camera. But even still, HUGE budgets don’t make the story. They can sure enhance them. But without the story, the budget won’t mean a thing.

With that, I recalled this morning two stories that we were able to capture with an old camera around a product I helped market a few years back. I don’t claim to be a filmmaker, but it was fun to play make believe alongside some pretty remarkable people.

I would love to someday get the kind of equipment needed to enhance stories like these. But for now, I’m at peace with the opportunity I was given to know these people. That in itself makes me a richer person.

That being said, for really next to nothing.. here they are.. (circa 20010)

***living life, eyes wide open.

Bonus Video***


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