Thoughts on Christmas Eve for a Weary World

10865006_577041405730571_1120590064_nA thrill of hope the weary world rejoices. To all the weary, may hope be found this night. As tonight, a Child is born. For in this, an opportunity arises for which we can now surrender our hearts upon.

So when you find yourself too weary to rejoice, may hope be found when you take your eyes off the stuff that weighs you down and place them on the One who lifts you up.

If you find yourself tired and alone this night, know this… you matter, you are valued, and you are loved.

For this is why He came. For each of us. A hope for a weary world. In this, I can certainly rejoice.

And for those of you who are not alone this night and into tomorrow, breathe deep the beauty of those around you. Embrace each moment for that last breath you took, is the only guarantee in life. Make the most of that next one.

But also, please remember the alone and the weary within your friends and family this night and tomorrow. Send them a note tonight to tell them they matter, they are valued, and they are loved.

We are all in this together. It’s been a tired year for this world. We need each other. We need a Child is born.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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