A Bible Verse I have spoken a THOUSAND times

%22The LORD is my strength and my song; heEvery day that I find myself up on the mountain, I face the same moment every time. It’s always during those next few steps that lead me to the turn.

“The LORD is my strength and my song; He has become my victory.” – Psalm 118:14

My daily climb begins here. Though it is certain that over time this part of the hill does get easier. Of course, only getting in better shape is the antidote. But it’s a time and place I face almost daily that causes me to pray this scripture over and over as I make my way back towards the top.

With between about 500-600 feet elevation gain over the next several minutes, my every step needs it. I think I began reciting these words the first few times I visited the trail. Being extremely out of shape at the time, those first few times were brutal.

As I was making my way up the hill today, and of course, saying these same words, I began to ponder as to when this verse first crossed paths with me.

It was every day of the first week of February in 2003 when this verse became very real to me as I stepped off the elevator on the floor in the hospital where my father was staying and quite frankly.. dying.

The doctors had given him one week to live.


Everything was way too fast for me. I knew my father was in bad shape, but not so bad that he could be taken away from me so quickly. Everyday I would step off that elevator and have no idea what to expect.

Would I see him draw his last breath? Would he be able to speak? Was I going to be able to hold it together? What about my mom and brother? My heart pounded making my way up as the elevator seemingly stopped at every floor prior to ours.

Yet each time, a calm would come over me as I stepped off the elevator with these words in my heart spilling forth from my lips.

“The LORD is my strength and my song; He has become my victory.” – Psalm 118:14

What a reminder these words are. How soon we forget. Why on earth would we forget? Though I had no idea what to expect, one thing I could expect was that my God was already there.

But they are more than just words, they are a statement of faith. A declaration of sorts as to tell that mountain that stands before you, that God is…. PERIOD.

Do you want to know what I love about the word of God? It returns not void. It is truth. And yet certainly there are often times such as this where you have no idea the outcome, He does.

And when He does and we don’t.. yet we still believe, I guess that’s when our belief becomes faith.

My dad lived another month. I was there when he took his last breath.

Looking back, God was there too. He was found in my strength. He was found in my song. And when I didn’t think I would make it walking with dad through that (for the thought of life without him was unbearable), God was not found in my victory..

He had become.. my victory.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit the mountain again and no doubt, these words will be spoken… again. Perhaps in this, I am not looking for mere victory of conquering this mountain each day, but rather this..

A daily reminder that God is my victory. This is not about me mustering the strength or forcing out a song as if to strain the faith out of me and that somehow by my efforts He will bestow upon me the victory. He IS my victory… PERIOD.

I need this daily reminder. I need these words. I need them to be treasured upon my heart. I need them to be my reality… without hesitation.

I need my strength to actually be His strength. I need my song to really be.. His song. Maybe then, that’s when He becomes our victory?

Sure, we “believe” as we have said a “prayer” of who He is, who we are, and what we need. But even still, when did He truly become our victory?

The truth is, He has been all along. He’s just been waiting for us to let Him be… the victory.

Pondering: Surrender.

Funny. You would think that a Bible verse I have spoken a THOUSAND times would finally break through to me that He is and not… I earned.

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