The Power of Being… Ok

10958474_448824718598127_716240487_nThere is power in rediscovering the peace found in saying the words.. I’m ok. I love these words from Fascist Architecture by Bruce Cockburn..

“I’ve been in trouble but I’m ok
Been through the wringer but I’m ok
Walls are falling and I’m ok
Under the mercy and I’m ok”

Surrounding myself with people who elevate my spiritual posture and not just my ego has led me to a place of rediscovering the power of being.. ok.

What I like about this place is that no matter what I might be facing, I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. I mean, it doesn’t make sense that I would be experiencing such a peace. Yet.. I’m ok.

But then there’s this thing said about being under the mercy… being ok with that seems to hold the power of that which is both lock and key. Perhaps this is where such a peace came from. Unlock the mystery of this and begin to experience the peace of that.

Tonight.. I’m ok. My past.. I’m ok. My future.. I’m ok.

Pondering His mercy..

***For more on this, here’s a previous post I wrote called Pondering Cockburn: Under the mercy and I’m ok


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