What Was Lost Actually Is That Which Is Found?

10518168_542213532548591_113904843_n“Instead of focusing on what was lost in perceived missed opportunity, try focusing on what was revealed.”

In this, you may just find that it was never about what you thought you lost. Instead, it was always about what was found in you in that which was revealed to you… about you.

When we’ve missed an opportunity or at least a perceived opportunity, we can tell a lot about who we are based on how we deal with such a loss.

If we respond with asking the question regarding what it revealed to us about us, this seems to be a healthy sense of who we are and where we are in life. However, if we respond with dwelling on the lost opportunity and that which we perceive to have lost, I would propose that perhaps this would be a sign of deficit lurking somewhere within about what we think of ourself and perhaps where we are in life.

Dwelling on what was lost seems to play into one becoming resigned to such occurrence and that this is all life will be versus dwelling on what was revealed about ourselves through the process being more of that which reflects a resolve in life of seeking all it has the potential to be.

I am not talking about disappointment here or perhaps even regrets. Certainly those are almost always a part of the equation. But what I am really talking about here is moving forward. I am talking about being ok with the process.

Often times its more about the process than it is the outcome. Resolve is not always black and white. Often times, the resolve is found in the journey. Some things just won’t make any sense… yet. 

For me, the quickest way to make any sense of something is to seek perspective on that something. Focusing on what was revealed instead of what was perceived lost has a way about breeding such perspective. Yet I know that getting there is a much more difficult task. If we have deficit (and we all do) sometimes like a vacuum, it will suck us into a place of dwelling on the loss. Please note that being resigned in the loss is much different than grieving a loss.

I wrote this previously from a disappointment I recently had that frankly became perspective..

“I then heard a voice telling me that that which I sought that didn’t come to pass was not about it coming to pass as much as it was in letting you find confidence in soaring again.”

And so here we are gaining more perspective from that experience which at first felt like total disappointment. Talk about paying it forward.

If only I would have sought the revealed rather than dwelling the perceived lost a lot sooner. How funny, What Was Lost Actually Often Times.. Is That Which Is Found.


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