Pondering: Requirements of a Human Doing

11005237_407090396125362_1274414148_nIf nature was a full color stamp, I’d send myself a letter each day inviting me to visit.

Maintaining perspective requires one to intentionally weave off the path each day to breathe. Yet too often, I think we like to think that stopping to catch our breath is the same thing. It’s hard to pause and reflect when one is struggling to catch that next breath.

If the world fell apart because you took a moment to breathe, then maybe you shouldn’t have held your breath that long. I know I shouldn’t have.

I suppose that I put way too much pressure on my self to be “on” all the time and that if I let up, I will lose my ground. Or, the whole world will fall apart if I even just take a moment to breathe. So I think.

The truth is, by living this way, I am losing more ground than I even realize and I am potentially wrecking more worlds than just mine.

Perhaps I may find that to be an effective human doing, I must first be an effective human being. And there lies the problem.

I need to learn how to breathe.

The result of doing such should bring perspective. Perspective should breed contemplation and this should breed wise living.

Just remember to stop and to breathe is not being lazy.. it’s essential. But I suppose then, it’s what you do with that breath which will determine how you will then measure that breath. Or at least we will all measure what we see in the wake of that breath based on that of which one has done with that breath.

It sure all does play out, doesn’t it? It sure does add up over time.

For me, I just want to spend that next one hopefully like I spent the last one… thankful. Though I know that is not always the case. We could all use a lot more thankfulness in our lives.

  • If you see someone today stopped along the road that is bent over trying to catch their breath, love them. 
  • If you see someone today that desperately looks like they could use a breath, love them.
  • If you see someone today who is intentionally taking time to weave off the path to take a breath, join them.

If you don’t see them, you’re living life with eyes closed hanging on for dear life seeking to only survive another day. In this case, if anyone takes heed of this message, prepare to be loved.

If nature was a full color stamp, I’d send myself a letter each day inviting me to visit.

Will you join me?

Pondering thankfulness for the One who is the Giver of my next breath.


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