Observation Deck: A New Project?

clobPondering a project that many have asked for yet honestly I have ran from. I have so many fears. I fear I have a false sense of influence. I fear looking like someone who lays claim to a me-centric wisdom in that I have something to say so therefore listen.

The truth is that most of that which is written here on these pages remains relatively unseen. Rarely do I share these posts publicly but for the many who have discovered this page organically. Only recently have I begun to share anything of which has been written here.

When I began this page, I was coming out of a pretty dark season in my life. This was a place where I could go to and work out that which I was seeing and experiencing in life. In this, these pages represent my journey out from behind the shadows as I seek to chase the light that calls my name.

From this, I never want to be that person who comes from a dark season or place who then immediately feels the need to speak and share, yet only then were they even in the infant stages of renewal and restoration.

For me, this place is a place of marinading that which I am discovering.

Yet only based on that which I have begun to share with my pictures have I begun to see perhaps the encouragement it has brought to others.

However, may it be said that I seek not to deliver a message for the sake of delivering a message. These words are my life. They reflect me and my God walking the path as I strive to find the story in everything.

Frankly, if such a project does ever come to pass, may it be more for those that come from behind to follow in my footprints as a beacon of light in that this.. this is what I have found in a life now spent chasing light from behind the shadows.

*** I took this picture on September 9, 2011 from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is the worlds largest building. It was taken from a video camera I had at the time. Not a very good picture. But after messing around with it, I landed on this very late 60’s early 70’sish album cover look.


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