An Email to Myself in 3 Years (Career Remix Version)

11078676_811562858899629_471514545_nGunnar, I can’t believe that it’s been three years since we last touched base! I pray this finds you well.

I am reaching out to you because I want to share with you all that has been happening in my life since we last spoke. Perhaps we could grab some time for coffee? I would love to hear about how you are doing as well.

In the meantime, I would love to share with you just a little bit… well, maybe a little more than just a little bit. LOL!

It really is pretty amazing to look back on these past three years and find myself completely speechless at all that has transpired. Leading up to them, I found myself in a difficult season of life as I sought to find myself and understand as well how best to leverage what I had already accomplished up until that point in life for both the personal and the professional

Professionally, I was known as this guy who kind of seemed to have had his hands in quite literally everything and knew almost everybody. While some people knew me from my time running a handful of businesses for a local businessman worth over a half billion dollars, other people knew me as this social media/marketing guy who traveled the world teaching classes and consulting others on message and content development to writing a book to fill in the blank.

The truth was is that I was a survivor. I took on whatever came my way and in the process racked up a lot of experience. But sadly, not a lot of traction. I found that in this, traction often times derives from definition. As in, definition of who I am, what I do and/or can do for a business that would allow me to maximize my bandwidth and therefore release my sweet spot. Definition as in giving my network clarity of who I was in order to release them to tell others of what I do.

To think that after these past three years that I have found that definition of who I am which has since led to some pretty amazing momentum is incredible. Finding myself not only with a more than steady stream of income that is allowing me to provide for my family without the stresses of hustling for that next project has been life changing. I finally feel like I am able to fully unleash all that I am to my family, causes that are important to us, friends, and quite frankly… for my clients.

Being someone who is sought out for my experience and expertise in message and content development for both company culture as well as the general public/consumer is something I absolutely love doing. In this, it allows me to fully leverage the entire scope of my unique experience and passions. Whether it be through reaching the digital culture and social media, employee culture, volunteer retention, or all of the above, helping people play a good game of telephone with who they are is my sweet spot. Essentially, I get to help them put legs on their ideas, what they do and who they are.

In all of this, I get a front row seat to watch some pretty amazing people, companies and organizations awaken their solutions to a world that needs them. Whether it be consumers, contributors, volunteers or employees.. this truly is where ideas come alive in the form of fruition.

It’s funny, I have found in my work that often times the message is the easy part. The message is application. Yet application never works when built upon faulty infrastructure. This is where I have found that my operational experience working for Pamplin truly does come into play. What drives a message the farthest as well as makes it stick the longest is not simply the clarity of the message alone, but also in one’s ability to sustainably execute that which the message is stating.

This is how we took a company in a dying industry from a 1.3 million dollar loss in two years to over a hundred thousand dollar profit. This is also how we organically took a radio station from 400,000 impressions to 25 million impressions in 4 weeks using social media. And no one seems to have figured this out yet.

But how did I get here? I have thought long and hard about what were the components that I have put in place that have allowed me to achieve this? Much of it stemmed from an email you wrote me in the spring of 2015 where you made this statement: “Remember, and inspiring personal vision, powerfully spoken that becomes shared, will pull for its own fulfillment.”

  1. I got focused – I set goals and began to mark out a trail to attain them for both personal and professional
  2. I got defined – I worked to define myself not only for myself, but also others of who I was and what I do
  3. I got aligned – I found alignment with other people with shared values who encouraged me and networked with me to find my sweet spot and in the end… help reboot my career and maximize my marriage, family and ministry
  4. I got disciplined – By setting forth a clear path, I began to focus on the path each day working hard to strive towards attaining my goals. If life is a stack of moments, I found the key towards making each moment count
  5. I got peace – I found peace in my skin. I made peace with my past and found hope in my future. This all gave me faith for each day to then spend my bandwidth on the things that mattered most
  6. I trusted God – I finally learned that trust in God is the most important of components in that He loves me, will never abandon me, has a plan for me, and has gone before me

Gunnar, it has been the best three years of my life. It truly has been. I have never felt such purpose, peace and rest in anything I have ever done before. It’s like I found my rhythm or frankly, my sweet spot.

Of course, there is more to this. Let’s schedule some time to grab some coffee in the next week. And again, thank you so much for your inspiring words to me back in April of 2015. They had a huge impact on me, hence this email.


P.S. I think we find here 6 more emails to write. Stay tuned.


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