The Chorus of a Thousand Footprints


The path exists whether you choose to take that next step or not. It may not look the same though. Rarely does a trail ever look the same as it did a moment ago. Rarely do we.

Yet in this, The path always seems to find a way to wait upon that next step. For there will always be space upon the path for the footprint of those willing to go forth.

However, pay close attention for those who hesitate that next step. That hesitation might not be a reflection that they are unwilling to take that step as much as it may just mean that their wounds have made them reluctant to take that next step. In that case, join the chorus of a thousand footprints who’ve gone before them to remind them of these three simple yet essential truths..

They matter, they are valued, and they are loved.

From here on out.. we walk together.


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