When alignment occurs.. Go!


When alignment occurs.. Go!

Remember when life seemed like it was scattered across the table like a thousand pieces to a jigsaw puzzle and you just knew somewhere along the way 2 or 3 vital pieces were missing?

Guess what? They weren’t.

Hang in there. It will all come together soon.

These were my thoughts today as I looked up and saw this while on my daily walk up on the hill.

And then now as I ponder this thought further from earlier this evening, I am reminded of a question a dear friend asked me recently..

What are you hearing?

But I knew he wasn’t speaking of that which I was hearing with my ears, but rather much deeper within. The recent season has been intense with just a heaviness in the air and seemingly battles at every turn. It was almost like everything coming at me was claiming to be a hill to die on. But…

But alignment was the word that spilled forth in my response to his question. Here’s what I said..

When the tectonic plates shift there, we feel it here but can’t always describe it.. we just know it. Divide and terror are the aim but alignment and release will be the result. Exhale is coming. Stand firm.

I wonder now if there’s a connection. I honestly hadn’t much thought about my response until now when it dawned on me.. maybe that which I pondered as I looked to the sky this afternoon was that which I was waiting for when I spoke forth those words just then?

Hold on tight He will. Even when we may lose our grip. Hold on tight He will.

Fear not. Alignment is coming.


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