When we outsmart hurt with hope..

Psalm 7719

Hurt sure has a way of derailing one’s ability to see hope… as it stands along the pathway of life desperately calling out our name like a pathway no one knew was there. Often times it comes from the most uncommon of places. How else can hope seek to outsmart hurt but to show up in a place previously unexpected?

Yet too often we miss this pathway to hope because too often we’re too okay with bracing for impact with life rather than bracing for breakthrough in life. And for this I ask, when did this become our default expectation of life?

Hurt may have a purpose, but it cannot win. Hope is a place, and it must be seen. You have value, and it must be known.

Which is which among us? Who is who around us? What is the need before us?

Be hope this day to another. Be the breakthrough this day that others have hoped for by way of a simple word of encouragement based on a simple moment of acknowledgement that will send a message to them that they are seen, known, valued, matter, and that they are loved.

Will you be this pathway of which we speak of this day for another?

Will you seek to outsmart the hurt among you with hope?

Pondering: Who is Hope but One who makes all things new.


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