The Open Window


Pondering: The Open Window

Open up the window, let the bad air out. This is an old Bruce Cockburn lyric I have used over and over again over time. And yet these 45 years of life at times feel more like a hundred years of life waiting to be released through the rush of an open window.

Life these past few years have been hard. But this last year has been one of the hardest of my life.

With a hard pivot underway rebooting my career after years of focusing on life, turbulence has been my steady companion. And, with a beloved wife who has not been well for quite some time, it has been my faith, my daughter, my therapist, my photography, a few favorite writers and an open window that has carried me through.

It’s funny, I used to be that outgoing person who was always quick to make a joke to get a laugh or keep someone at bay by offering a word of encouragement. But now, I’d much rather retreat to a place all by myself or perhaps maybe even with a few select others for a cigar and some real talk about the things of heaven and the stuff of life.

But all is not lost. No. Quite the contrary. Much has been gained.

I have gained appreciation.

I walked outside this evening as the sun was setting and I found myself in awe of the glow reflecting off the sky and the scattered clouds that danced about. This never happened before.

Too much bad air, I reckon.

It’s funny what happens when one can sing a song lyric all those years and never ponder.. what if I sought to do as it says?

Open up the window, let the bad air out.

I sit here in bed and wonder why we even close the window in the first place? How many years did I live with the window closed? You can see it on my face with every wrinkle and gray hair or the bags beneath my eyes.

Each morning I wake up as the sun begins to rise sending streaks of bright light crashing off the side of my house and reflecting through my bedroom window. The birds are starting to sing and I wonder..

What would happen if I kept my window open today?

When we can learn to appreciate the power of pause in our daily life, it has the power to add years of living to one’s very life. I’ve lived enough life with my window closed to the point of nearly suffocating myself and now here I find myself as I prepare for a new week asking myself once again..

When did I close the window?

Life is so much more clearer for those who leave the window open and can find time each day to let the stuff of life out as they go, while they go. For me, it looks like not merely just taking time to talk to God, but also and even more importantly seeking to.. listen to God, as I go, while I go.

A conversation  kind of works that way, doesn’t it. You talk, you listen. You listen. You talk.

Open up the window, let the bad air out. This sounds like a great idea and a great opportunity to finally getting those hundred years of life waiting to be released through the rush of an open window.

Besides, it’s warm in here tonight and I need some fresh air.






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