When Kids Play…


When kids play…

It was like there were no differences. They just played and laughed.

Maybe adults could learn from this and stop talking at each other and just start “playing” with each other. Maybe then and only then will we see what we all want to see..

Unity. Love. Hope. Peace. (You know.. the opposite of everything we’ve seen a lot of as of late.) So much talking at each other.

No wonder kids still believe they can change the world. Do we?

This is Ashley at the BTown kids camp today. She was a riot. She was fast. I’m out of breath!

We all should take time often to volunteer and hang out with kids. I’ll bet our world will notice. I know I did. It goes both ways. Pondering..

Please check out places like BridgeTown Inc. and their BTown Kids, The Mentoring Project, and Sparks of Hope. All great organizations making a difference.

I look forward to seeing you all out there on the playground. Peace!


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