Safer in the forest: When lyrics match life


My daughter recently took this picture of me taking a picture. She then did what she always does so marvelously in pairing her pictures with lyrics. With this one, she nailed it. She nailed me. My life this past year has been a lot of time spent chasing light from behind the shadows.

Here’s her lyric selection for this picture…

|Settled in that still forest like another phantom or another shadow cast by choice. A noiseless chorus blows through the leaves and trees and brings a peace at last. From a place where the song kept changing just when he was starting to get it. When he was starting to trust there’d be a day, he’d find a way to keep the rust at-bay. There’d be a day he’d find a hum to help him muffle the past. Like thunder underwater, he hears it fading and feels no pain at all.|

Safer in the Forest/ Love Song For Poor Michigan by La Dispute

Picture and Lyric Selection by Kira N.Simonsen (@hoopla68 on Instagram)


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