One of the MOST important lessons I have EVER learned..


From a little something I wrote entitled: “How Understanding Infrastructure vs Application Changed my Life”

It’s amazing when one can recognize the root of the problem and the effect it has on the guidance one gives it. Throwing application at a problem where faulty infrastructure dwells is like throwing darts with a blindfold on and hoping for the best only to find out later that you were aiming at mid air.

For me, I am ready to set sail with new infrastructure and upon this infrastructure, I am ready to put into action applications that will help me get the most out of life rather than life getting the most out of me.

Simply put.. application is not sustainable when built upon faulty infrastructure.

With this, what I realized is that for every time I made a bad decision and then cycled through that same bad decision over and over and over, is that though for a moment the guidance I was given (or willed it myself) to help effect change worked, it was not sustainable.

Oh the pains of recidivism and we don’t even know it.

What I found is that though as well intentioned as they were or even I was, the guidance I was given was really a form of application. Yet, it was never sustainable because the infrastructure it was built upon was faulty and needing to be rewired.

Thus, application was never the core problem. The infrastructure was.

In this, the heart of the matter will always be the matter of the heart.

So what’s that say about the state of your infrastructure? I know what it says about mine. For to rewire the infrastructure is also to restore… one’s heart.


(Taken from a previous post that I had written previously.)


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