What to do at dusk..


It’s dusk. Sometimes, if I am honest, I too feel like its dusk for my life. In this, I feel a real sense of urgency to get the most out of life regardless of life.

Certainly I wish I could turn back time and not do so much of what I already have done. But, this is life. It’s filled with ups and downs and everything in between. Certainly, if we’re honest, it too will also be filled with regrets. Yet, so often, we expect of ourselves to bat a thousand as we walk down the trail of life with anything but perfection.

Man, do we ever have to find a way to become at peace with the anything but peace sewn deeply within that of our life’s wake.

Is that what my sense of urgency really is? Am I just merely trying to make up for lost time or am I truly just simply seeking to make the most of my time?

I sure pray it’s the latter.



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