Sometimes the road..


Sometimes the road..

So many fear the road ahead. Time and again the road has felt like it has left you stranded.

For many facing the week ahead, you see the sign that warns of the next turn and you immediately begin to brace yourself for more heartbreak.

It’s like a default setting that lands you on the side of the road before you’ve even left the house.

If this is you.. this week I am believing for you that this next turn, will actually be your turn. I am believing for you that you can begin to brace no longer for more heartbreak, but rather instead, for more breakthrough.

My friends, no matter what you’ve gone through, no matter where you find yourself in life, or perhaps even what you have done. You STILL matter. The world STILL wants your narrative. There is STILL hope.

Be encouraged… I believe that next turn, will be your turn. Seize it. For your name is written all over it.

Be well.


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