Sometimes the road, even still..

open gategs

Sometimes the road, even still..

I took a drive the other day and came upon an open gate which opened up to a road which led to someone’s home amidst what appeared to be an orchard filled with life settled amidst the parched backdrop of a drought stricken land of everything outside of those opened gates.

As I brought my car to a stop right there in the middle of this backroad in the middle of nowhere bordering on.. I think I might just be a little bit lost, I began to think how incredibly powerful it is when that of a little bit lost weary soul stumbles upon that of the open gates of a heart of welcome.

How much more when the heart of welcome gets there first?

There always seems to be something about a heart of welcome that has a way about linking arms with the weary soul in a way that says.. next stop.. home.

Which are you this day?

For the heart of welcome, get there first.

For the weary soul, expect to hear from someone soon.


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