Sometimes the Road: Broken Houses


We drive by old broken down and abandoned houses everyday. Sometimes we take pictures and wonder about whatever once was. Other times we wince, mock, judge, and even look away from the sight of such brokenness. Just tear it down we think. What a mess we declare.

And then, we simply just keep driving.

Such is life as we drive through the feeds of Facebook, walk through the mall, sit in a church pew, or watch the latest news. Broken down and abandoned houses are everywhere we look. Yet all we see is the perceived effect. Rarely if ever do we even catch a glimpse of the actual cause.

So we cast our thoughts and keep driving.

This convicts me.

What keeps us from a grace turned outward or offering a heart of welcome to weary soul or a broken heart? What keeps us from pulling over?

Perhaps its this..

..And then I realize that in the words of that which I just described, I find something all too familiar.. I find that these words were actually that which described an exact replica of my very own heart.

Pondering my daily need for an amazing grace, a forever mercy, and some daily bread.


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