What my Hope tells me about the trails I walk..


Next time you think you’re all alone on the trail.. think again.

What I see here is a caricature of us. If we would just step out of our moment for just a moment to see that others are upon this trail too, we would begin to find comfort knowing that perhaps we truly aren’t the only one’s experiencing that which we are currently experiencing.

It’s just that we need to look up every once and a while. We need to know that we truly aren’t alone.

For the many here that find themselves in that place right now in life, be encouraged. You might feel alone, but you are never alone.

Maybe this post or picture or words will be proof enough for you? You thought you were alone, but this post called you out and said… you’re not. Matter of fact, if anything.. you matter.

This is at least what I have come to know about the trails I myself have walked. Probably its because this Hope I’ve found.. tells me so.

See you out on the trails. G!


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