Sometimes you stumble upon…


Sometimes you stumble upon the needle in a haystack. When you do… the puzzle you’re building seems to make sense once again.

You know.. sometimes you step away from the puzzle for awhile before returning another day in hopes of finding those one or two pieces you’ve been desperately seeking for way too long.

Life is such a journey this way. Yet, where would any of us be without grace, mercy, and love to light our path in those moments when we do step away?

Perhaps in this, it is this very grace, mercy, and love that helps light the way towards finding that next very piece you’ve been seeking.. for way too long?

That is.. if we receive it, and then walk in it.

If this is you, be not alone. These three things await your next step. At least that’s what I am believing for.

Pondering a perspective that leads to a brand new day.


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