The 18th Tree..


I stood curbside tonight as our Christmas tree lay there motionless with only the boy scout tag blowing in the wind. Sure, it’s just a tree you might say. But, of all of them, this was no ordinary tree.

This was the last tree of my only child’s childhood. Graduating this year, I sat there wanting that tree to stay with us just a little bit longer. I sat there thinking about the previous 17 trees.

Do you know what goes by fast? Life.

Beyond words to describe the honor of being called her dad. Grateful for amazing grace to actually be her dad. After seven miscarriages… I never thought..

For the many who’ve tried, but couldn’t. I hope you know you matter. For anyone who’s lost a child, I hope you know that you are held. For anyone reading this now suffering from loss, I hope you know… you are loved.

Be well my friends. The arms of I AM.. loves your embrace and the Peace that surpasses all understanding.. knows your name.


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