Word(s) for the Year


I’ve never been a “What’s your word for the new year?” kind of guy, but this year was different. As I began to think about this question, I started recalling all the words that seemed to described the now previous year.

2015 was the hardest year of my life for so many reasons. Yet, my hope in this is that it was also the most productive year of my life. Productive as in personal growth.

In how I began thinking about the words that described this past year, it began to frame what words should define this next year.

Often times, I think words are chosen that essentially are words that one can use to seek to will themselves to that place they aspire to reach.

In thinking through this past year, I think you’ve landed on a divinely inspired word when the word at first glance makes you wince.

For my previous year, I think what I learned was both words and frankly truths that previously I got real good at reciting, but never really any good at with applying.

  1. Humility – In a ton of ways, this was absolutely true.
  2. When I felt most alone, I was actually most not alone.
  3. Trust/Faith – somewhere along the way, I had lost confidence and I learned how little I trusted others, including God.

As I think through these three things that frankly defined my entire 2015, I then began to place my eyes on 2016. Oddly enough, one word kept coming to mind when I thought about it and the others actually came to me from a post I saw on Facebook of a word search where it read, the first three words you see are your three words for the new year.

Honestly, I never believe things like this. Seems all too much like chance. But something odd happened when I placed my eyes on the puzzle of letters, the first three words hit me like a ton of bricks. They actually resonated deeply within me. They just felt right.

So my words are:

  1. Intentional – I want to be more intentional (especially with my spiritual life)
  2. Be You – these were the first two words I saw on the word search. Makes total sense as I along the way had lost confidence in myself to even be myself.
  3. Heal – this was the third word and it was crazy because it actually spelled out health and I caught the “th” immediately after my declaration of the word heal. I wonder what if it was health? But heal, could anything be more perfect for the way my life had been going?

So, here we go, headlong into a new year. Let’s see what happens.



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