Pondering My Rwanda Experience Part 8


Life along the red dirt roads of Rwanda has a way of making one grateful, yet at the same time.. also envious, too.

Grateful for access to transportation (with good shocks), clean drinking water, and so much more.

Envious for a very something I had found amidst the backdrop of everything I had seen, which had the power to stop me in my tracks almost everywhere I had gone.

It was a smile that seemed to shine brighter than the noonday sun. Everywhere I’d look, I’d see it on the faces of so many.

A smile like this could only possibly come from somewhere deep inside. One could not simply manufacture such a smile on their own. Only the state of one’s heart could produce such.

But I thought the more stuff we had was supposed to mean the more happier we’d become?

With this, it makes me think… what am I missing? Didn’t I already have everything? Well at least relatively speaking, that is.

Ironically, as I sit here and type these words, I look down and see something familiar. It’s been two weeks since I returned and I see it, as if now baked¬†permanently into the very soles of these very shoes upon my feet… I see red dirt.

And with this, it makes me smile.

It makes me think that when we make ourselves available to perspective, appreciation most always follows suit. Or at least it should, if we let it.

I am smiling.

Pondering my Rwanda experience


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