Pondering My Rwanda Experience Part 10


After a couple hours drive outside of Kigali, I found myself standing alone inside an empty church. Not sure how I wandered here on my own for this brief stop, but once I set foot inside, I knew then, what called me here.

An African drum sits just inside the front doors with a handwritten song list tucked in between the drum and the smooth concrete floor. I could almost hear the drums being played as I stood there silently drinking it all in.

As I moved towards the front of the church, which was lined with windows, I look outside and see a friend meeting with their sponsor child for the first time. I sat there and watched for a moment.

Language is not a problem when one speaks from their heart.

I then stood there and closed my eyes. I could almost hear the voices singing.

I then turned around and noticed a set of open doors that led outside to the far side of the church. Funny, I don’t remember seeing these doors when I entered the building.

Blame it on the drum, I guess. It’s always the drummers fault.

The way the doors were left open, it was like an invitation of sorts. This was day two on my trip and perhaps here is where it all began.

I wrote recently that I didn’t leave my heart in Rwanda and that instead, my heart was already there waiting for me to arrive.

As I walked through these doors and into the landscape of a far and distant land, the land of a thousand hills, I have never felt so close to my own heart, as I did right then.

What an interesting thought… here Gunnar, on the other side of the church, in a land 9,000 miles away, through these doors, here lies your heart.

I went to Rwanda wanting to be an open canvas. After years of wrestling through life, I needed to heal, I needed to be refreshed, I needed to be inspired, I needed to be restored, I needed to exhale.

And there I was (there it was), walking through those doors and into four words that probably best described my entire trip to Rwanda as it would unfold over the course of the week ahead. Four words that found itself with brush in hand, painting upon my canvas that which all my heart had so desperately needed…

“Here lies My embrace.”

I receive it.

Pondering my Rwanda Experience


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