Rumours of Glory


“Something is shining like gold.. but better.” – Bruce Cockburn

This is a favorite lyric of mine from a Bruce Cockburn song entitled Rumours of Glory. It seemed rather fitting for this picture I took tonight while on a walk with my daughter at a favorite place of ours.

A friend of mine asked me tonight what glory meant to me. Feeling snarky and frankly not wanting to give away all of the answers without a little mystique, I responded with a question of my own..

“What do you want it to mean?”

Of course, before I let him answer, I followed up with, “I see Hope.” I then followed that up with a wink emoji as if to say.. you know what I mean.

What a cop out. I mean, seriously. How dare he question me with that?

Hours later, I couldn’t shake it. His question finally cornered me.

What did I want it to mean?

His presence. (His, meaning the Lord)

I took this picture tonight while on a walk with my daughter. The glow at that moment was magnificent as the setting sun said its last slow goodbye to the trees that surrounded me.

With this, I have long been on a journey of chasing light from behind the shadows. Yet, until I catch such, it will always just be rumours of such.

But, why then chase that which already is? Rumours not, His presence is already here.

“..I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20

Funny, my friend asked me not what it meant, but rather instead, what it meant to me. I didn’t fully grasp this at first. He didn’t want a stock answer. He wanted a personalized one.

No wonder I couldn’t shake it. He was already 4 or 5 steps ahead of me.

Where His glory is, so too His presence is. For where He goes forth, His glory has already gone forth. It goes before Him and trails behind Him.

And much like I have spoken previously of if only I could stretch my hands through the crowd and touch the hem of His garment, if only I could catch one glimpse of his glory and in this I would know this, that all would be well.

Glory would be so much easier to discuss for me if it were a place rather than a presence. His presence would be so much easier for me to accept if I didn’t doubt myself such.

What do I WANT it to mean? 

He is near me. Regardless.


“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain..” – Revelation 21:4



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