Pondering The Inside


When you see less outer chaos, there you will find more inner peace. A heart filled with chaos breeds a life filled with chaos. You can’t outrun on the outside that which is hurt on the inside.

I had just finished a meeting in downtown Hillsboro at Clark’s Bistro and Pub and had began walking back to my car several blocks away. It was a Tuesday night, which meant it was Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market with live music, food, muscle cars, vendor booths and a lot of people.

As I made my way, I looked up, and there he was. Sitting by himself and away from the multitudes of people, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

With a smile as infectious as one could image, he seemed perfectly content with the moment. Whatever he had, I wanted.
Have you ever been around someone like that?

Walking past him a few feet, I quickly stop and pull out my phone. Turning back to him, he rose to his feet and walked towards me with a smile.

I told him, “I saw you in the parade yesterday and got a picture of you.”

I mean, how random is this? He must have been thinking I was a total freak.

Yet, with a joyful nod of acknowledgement, he smiled at me like I hadn’t seen someone smile at me since visiting Rwanda earlier this year. What is it about they who have such demeanor?

It makes me wonder what’s on the inside.

Finally finding his picture on my phone amidst the thousands of other random (why on earth did I take 17 of those?) photos taken in just the past 24 hours, I show him the picture I had taken of him.

I told him it was my favorite picture from the parade. I told him his smile made me smile and with that, I thanked him.

Pausing for a moment, he didn’t seem to know what to say. He just smiled. I mean, I essentially was telling him, a total stranger, thank you for simply them… being them.

As I turned the corner on my way back to my car, I looked back catching one last glimpse. Sitting back in his chair with a smile as wide as the moon and a glow as bright as the sun, I could only ponder..

What exactly is.. on the inside?

Life is short. What’s on your inside?


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