Rules of Engagement for The Modern-Day Arena: #SocialMedia


Emotion knows not logic and logic knows not emotion, but together they make up wisdom. Don’t let their words get lost in translation. Don’t let your judgement of others be defined by your opposing posture.

Rather instead, step back, pause, and reflect. Or perhaps, maybe I’ll just put it this way… lay down your sword and wash some feet.

Too many of us die on hills every single day that were not ever worth dying on. And yet still, we do it anyway. Why? Because we think this when they thought that. They speak this when we spoke that.

In this, translation matters. In this, posture matters. In this, the matter of the heart matters.

If someone is emotional, there’s a good bet that your logic will never reach them. When someone is logical, there’s a good bet that your emotion will never move them. Yet, there’s something about washing the feet of others that can change both you and them.

And why not? Were we all not created by the same Hands? Hmm.

You are not my enemy and I am not yours. We’ve just allowed ourselves to get lost in translation from time to time. Want someone to hear you, then listen. Want someone to listen, then love them.

Oh and one last thing… would you mind placing your feet over here for a moment while I reach for my wash cloth?

Be well, my friends. Go easy on each other. Your are loved. You do know this, don’t you? If not, let me say it again… You are loved. G

Now, let’s go make some wisdom together, shall we?


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