An Only Child Takes Flight


I sit here in a parking lot alone. The sounds of jetliners are coming and going.

The one after the one after that next one should be the one.

What seemed like a brief moment ago, while still just outside of the security lines, I couldn’t get out a final prayer of blessing or exhortation before tears overwhelmed my eyes and took captive the very words wanting to break free from my mouth as pushed forth from deep within my heart.

Yet, these were not merely words of sadness to say goodbye, but those of one’s deeply proud saying instead, well done.

These past 19 years have not been easy. Of course, she’s only 18.

After 7 miscarriages, her journey began well before her eyes broke free from the very womb that carried her into this world like a beam of light.

And here I sit as the smell of jetliner fuel permeates the air around me. It’s rather fitting. This is her time.. to take flight, that is.

My only child. My precious daughter. A future world changer she is not.

I mean, you can’t become what you already are, you just soar higher.. shine brighter. A world changer now.. is who she already is.

From refugees in Rwanda to homeless youth in Portland to [fill in the blank], as the Good Lord has gone before her, her beam of light only shines brighter.

Willy Wonka says, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

I say, “So shines Kira in the hearts of many.”

Thank you Lord for this unspeakable gift you have given us. Thank You for this beam of light You have shined upon us.

Thank You for this moment to celebrate all that lies before us.


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