When your heart compels you..


I’d rather run out of answers rather than run out of hope. Yet sometimes life minus some answers can feel a lot like a life that’s ran out of hope.

Friends, this is where we all come into the picture.

You just never know sometimes who’s either out of answers or who’s out of hope.

In this case, don’t miss out on an opportunity to be one or the other to those in your midst that find themselves with neither or either or.

In doing so, you might just become the blue sky their storm clouds were wishing for.

Take the initiative. Ask the question. Love your neighbor.

Be never too busy to send a text, send an email, or make a call.

What’s it take? …30 seconds?

When your heart compels you to move.. Move. Don’t wait to act.

Too often, it is I who has waited too long.

But for such a time as this.. Now is the time.


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